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COYBL is a large part of many families in Mililani. We spend a large amount of our time and energies around the baseball game and the 
Marlins Tickets team. We have opportunities to bond to other families and spend with many hours cheering and eating with the team and their families. 
Has COYBL had a personal affect? Are there questions about COYBL that need to be asked? Please visit frequently and post views 
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New Season Starts

September 14, 2006 

In celebration of the new season, let's hope some coaches have a chance to read this and take the advice.  Let us know if you'd like to add more!


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What We Don't Want to See Our Youth Baseball Coaches Doing- A Top Ten List

1. Calling a player, "Hey you".... At least make the effort to learn the names of all your players. It is not good for the child's self esteem to be called "Hey You"!


2. Making practice go on forever. Everyone has a life, I bet even you do, Coach. There are homework, chores, dinner and general wind down time needed by the young players. If you can't get in all the drills in the allotted time, get more assistants so you can run more stations. Use your parents, they are willing to help.


3. Criticizing and chastizing players on the field in front of parents and other players. That includes public displays of disgust and disappointment. You are the adult here and you need to set the example for good sportsmanship. Add to this...no swearing.


4. Yelling at their kid. Stop this. This is a way to destroy your relationship with your child and also see the point above.

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5. Arguing with the umpire. Sure, make certain the ump knows when he is applying the rules wrong, but don't bother arguing play calls. Umpires are human and they make mistakes. Coaches should also discourage the parents from heckling the umpires, no matter what.


6. Favoring their child. Most coaches make an effort in this area, but not always. Use your players without discrimination. If your child is not the best player for that valuable position, use the player that is. It really is obvious to everyone, not just the good player's parents.


7. Using alcohol. Use discriminitively and conservably. Children should not see behavior that would not take place if alcohol were not consumed.


8. Thinking every player should be available whenever. There are school activities, family activities, church, other lessons and sports activities. Do not penalize the player if they are not able to drop everything and attend an unscheduled baseball activity.


9. Encouraging escalating potlucks. See #8 above. Baseball games should not have to go on beyond 4 hours. Also be aware that not all families can afford the big and expensive food spreads.


10. Comparing one player to another. A team sport is supposed to teach cooperation and collaboration.


The majority of the coaches in the league are excellent leaders and examples of sportsmanship!  This top ten list is not the norm at COYBL.



End to a Great Summer Season

August 13, 2006

This was the last weekend of summer league play.  Now we get a short break to get into the swing of doing homework, long neglected piano lessons and other activities until practice starts up again for the Fall season.  Not to mention yard work!  Hope you all had fun at your end of the summer potlucks!



Great Try, Ponys

 Aug 9, 2006

Mililani Pony lost their first game to Simi Valley, rallied back with a win over Fullerton but were eliminated with a loss to Chula Vista South. Simi Valley and Chula Vista South battled to the final win for Simi Valley, who will represent the Pony West Zone. Click here to see tournament bracket play.

Good Effort, Mustangs and Broncos

July 31, 2006

Our Mustang and Bronco teams were eliminated from play in their respective West Zone Tournaments.  They played their best but were defeated.


The Pony All-Star team advanced to the West Zone Regional tournament and will play on August 5-9, in Fullerton, California.


Congratulations Mililani!

July 20, 2006

Big, big congratulations to the Mustang, Bronco and Pony division winners and best of luck to them as they head to various ballparks in California to attend their respective World Series.


New Web site

July 17, 2006

A very welcome addition! We noticed what seems to be the Official COYBL website that became effective in late June. Not that we want to lose our faithful readers who have been logging into our website and visiting our sponsors. Please continue to come back. Remember, our content reflects your input...so if you know anything going on in COYBL that you think should be discussed, please email us! Please bookmark this site and continue to visit us regularly. And since we are the Unofficial site, we can afford to be irreverent, if we see the need (BG).

Tournament Schedule
July 4, 2006
Hawai'i had an outstanding youth baseball season last year.  Here are this season's tournament schedules:

PINTO (7-8)
There are no Mainland tournaments for this age group.

MUSTANG (9-10)
State tournament: Wraps up today at Central O'ahu Regional Park.
West Zone Regional: Winner advances to the tournament, July 27-31, at Chino Hills, Calif.
World Series: The Zone winner advances to the World Series, Aug. 2-5, at Irving, Texas.

BRONCO (11-12)
State tournament: Through today at Waimea Athletic Field.
West Zone Regional: Winner advances to tournament, July 27-Aug. 1, at Whittier, Calif.
World Series: Zone winner advances to the World Series, Aug. 3-8, at Monterey, Calif.

State tournament: Wraps up today at Central O'ahu Regional Park.
West Zone Regional: Winner advances to tournament, July 22-26, at Fullerton, Calif.
World Series: Zone winner advances to the World Series, July 27-31, at Chino Hills, Calif.

PONY (13-14)
State tournament: July 7-11 at Central O'ahu Regional Park.
West Zone Regional: Winner advances to regional tournament, Aug. 5-9, at Fullerton, Calif.
World Series: The Zone winner advances to the World Series, Aug. 12-19, at Washington, Pa.


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